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Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Post Pictures on Facebook

Here is a guide to how to post pictures on Facebook.

Step 1: Sign into your facebook account.

Step 2: Click on Photos on the Bottom of the Screen
Step 3: Click on Create Photo Album at the Top of the Screen
Step 4: Choose a name for your Album, like Vacation to Spain
Step 5: Put a Location for where the pictures took place.

Step 6: Put a Description to help remind you what the pictures are.

Step 7: Privacy.
Everyone- Let's anyone in the world see your pictures (This is the option if you don't care who sees the pictures).
My Network and Friends (This allows people in your networks like Baltimore or Your College, etc. to see the pictures you post).
Friends of Friends (This give people who are friends of your friends the ability to see your photos. If a friend comments on your photos then their friends can look at all of the photos int he album).
Only Friends (Is just your friends).
Customize ... (Well the options are endless)

Step 8: Press submit. As you proceed to the next screen you might get a warning and in order to proceed forward you must say TRUST.

Step 9: Choosing Photos. You now can go and find the pictures that you want to upload. You check the boxes of which ones you want to upload. In order to find pictures in certain directories navigate through the folders on the left side until you get to the directory you want to.
Step 10: Once you have chosen your pictures click on Upload. Once the Uploade process is finished click OK!
Step 11: Now you can organize things. You can add a captions, choose which picture is your album cover or even move the pictures to other albums.
Step 12: When you are done press save changes. You will then be asked to Publish Photos, if you haven't already done so. You should press Publish if you are ready.
You can go through the tabs, to add more, organize them, and edit the info. If you want to Delete the album you can do that too.
Tagging People: In order to do so, you need to drag your mouse over the pictures and you will be able to add names. If you are friends with them then you can click on their name. If they aren't on facebook then you can add their name.
A note about tagging people in pictures: As a school you might consider not to tag anyone and let the people tag themselves. This allows them to make the choice on whether or not they want to identify with the pictures or not. A teacher who has painted her face in yellow and blue for spirit day might not want that picture to show up on her profile, especially in 5-10 years when she decides to go into an entirely different career.


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